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Number of Panels You Need for a 1500 Kwh Solar System in 2024

Do you want to know how many solar panels you require to install? Keep reading as we help you estimate the size of the battery system and the number of panels you need for a 1500 kWh solar system.

Firstly, let’s start by measuring 1500 kWh. It is the equivalent of about 50 kWh energy consumption per day. Based on this, how many solar panels will you require to produce that much amount of energy on a daily basis?

Keeping this in mind, you will also need to consider other factors. You will need to consider the loss of efficiency of your solar panels which is about 23%. Another factor to remember is the luminosity of the sun on various locations because it would be experiencing different sun peaks thus affecting the size of solar panels.

How do you Calculate the number of Solar panels required for 1500 kWh?

calculation for solar panels for 1500kwh system

Calculating the size of solar panels is reliant on your energy consumption per month. Find the energy use of your house in kWh. You can calculate this using your electricity bill and multiplying kW by 30. 

Next, you will have to consider the energy loss of 23% and multiply it by the load. Following this, you multiply it by 12 to estimate the load on an annual basis. Now, you use this value and divide it by the annual irradiance of your location to find the number of solar panels required. The final value will be the estimated number of solar panels needed for a 1500 kWh solar system. 

How to choose the proper size of your solar panels?

To do this, you will have to multiply the number of solar panels by 17.55 square feet, which is the standard size of the majority solar panels in the market). Usually, homes require a minimum of 15 solar panels. So, in order to estimate the size of your solar panels you will need to multiply the above given values. 

Now the result is 263.25 square feet. But, remember that this value is an estimate and the size of your solar panels can vary from 17.55.

Solar Panels kWh calculator

This tool is a great way to estimate the size of your solar system, as well as the number of solar panels you will need for a 1500 kWh solar system. This can be calculated by using the monthly energy consumption and daily peak sun hours. You need to remember the kWh per year, the percentage of your electricity bill to offset, and the energy consumption per day. 

What other factors affect the solar panels?

There are a few things to keep in mind when installing a 1500 kWh solar system. They are listed below as follows. Read ahead to learn more. 

  • Electricity usage: You need to check your utility bill and match the power requirements for your appliances and its usage. Make sure to go through solar guides as well. 
  • Roof size and shading: If you have a good roof area with minimal shading, then you won’t be requiring too many solar panels. But if your roof has a lot of shade, then you may need to install in a fair number of solar panels. 
  • Solar panels’ efficiency: This is vital to keep in mind as you need to match your energy consumption. Majority of the solar panels have wattages around 150-370. When buying solar panels, invest in high grade solar panels to generate more electricity on a small surface area. 
  • Net metering: This refers to the process of connecting your solar panels to the electrical grid. When doing this, you will receive credit for when you use solar energy and are saving electricity. Its disadvantage is that it only allows you to use solar energy during the day, i.e., when the sun is out.
  • Weather: It is important to have sunny weather when you want to install solar panels as they prerequisite includes the sun itself. This will also determine the number of solar panels needed for installation. A person who lives in a sunny area won’t require as many solar panels as a person who mostly experiences cloudy days. 
  • Solar battery brand: There are an assortment of solar battery brands. But it is wise to spend a generous amount on a renowned brand as it will be an investment in the long run. Cheap solar batteries may cause less efficiency. 

How many batteries will I need for a 1500 kWh solar system?

The number of batteries required are dependent on your solar battery’s connection to the grid. If it is connected to the grid, you have no need for solar batteries. But if your home is off the grid, then a solar battery is a good investment for powering up your home at night. 

It is ideal to invest in large batteries to power your 1500 kWh solar system. If you want to be in a grid-tie system, then you will have to calculate the amount of power required for solar and electricity separately. Here, you can be flexible with the usage of your appliances as well. 

Calculating the Number of Solar panels for 1,500 kWh per month

As mentioned before, to calculate the number of solar panels, you should know your house’s annual energy use as well as the solar irradiance of your area. In addition, you should consider the 23% power loss that is experienced by solar panels. Given below is a guide for finding the solar irradiance of your area for estimation. As an aid for calculations, we will consider the average solar irradiance as 4 kWh/m2. 

  • 200 W

Annual energy generated: 200 W x 4 kWh/m2 x 365= 292 kWh/year

When accounting for the 23% loss, the value will reduce to 225 kWh/year. The energy required per year when using 200 W solar panels will be 2400 kW. Now, to find the number of solar panels required, divide the annual energy generated by the annual energy requirements. The estimated value can be rounded off, which is 11 solar panels.

  • 250 W 

Similar to the above process, the annual energy generated is 365 kWh/year, which becomes 225 kWh/year with the 23% energy loss. The estimated value after the final calculations will be about 7, i.e., 7 solar panels.

  • 400 W

The annual energy generated is 584 kWh/year which is reduced to 450 kWh/year due to the energy loss. After the final calculations, the estimated number of solar panels required is six.

  • 500 W

The energy that is generated annually is about 730 kWh/year. This value is decreased to 562 kWh/year after the energy loss. Then we calculate the number of solar panels needed which is around five. 

Note: These calculations are a mere sample. The actual number may vary slightly based on your area’s solar irradiance. To calculate the proper value, make sure to consult with a subject matter expert. 

That’s a wrap on how many solar panels are required for a 1,500 kWh solar system. Remember that the higher the wattage, the lesser solar panels you will need. Apart from that, keep in mind the key factors when installing a solar battery backup.  


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