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In an ideal world, energy would be plentiful – and cheap. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about running out of power, or leaving our children with environmental problems like pollution and depleted resources. We’d prepare for the next generation by handing them tools they can use to move forward, to explore, to invent, to enjoy life.

In the past, what has worked theoretically was not easily implemented in the field. Pyron Solar’s unique HE Optics System and creative triad platforms may help change the face of tomorrow by providing plentiful energy today. An ideal world may be closer than we think.

low profile:

Pyron Solar products float in a shallow pool of water only 16 inches from the ground – the lowest profile dual axis tracking system in the industry. Distinct advantages offered by this design include lack of susceptibility to extreme conditions caused by wind, hail, sand and earthquakes (the product automatically realigns itself), favorable visual impact, and ease of access for maintenance and upkeep needs.

unlimited scalability:


Pyron Solar products are designed for unlimited scalability. Nearly the entire base area incorporates the HE Optics System elements, making the product’s ability to generate energy nearly limitless.

compact design:

The product’s configuration maximizes land use. As a result, Pyron Solar products are able to collect more sunlight per acre than any competitive offering. Because the system sits so close to the ground, the potentially negative impact of large shadows on energy gathering is minimized. Only 3.1 acres of land are needed to build 1MW of solar power.

low cost aspect:

Pyron Solar physicists were able to develop an effective, yet practical system. Investment in Pyron Solar products is appropriately allocated to the high quality elements that absorb and process solar radiation; this varies based on each customer’s configuration needs. The housing for Pyron Solar’s HE Optics System is cost-effective and relatively easy to maintain.

high energy conversion:

Pyron Solar products enjoy exceptionally high energy conversion due to its proprietary HE Optics System which creates a flux on the solar cell 1,200 times greater than natural levels

rapid construction in field:

Customers who purchase Pyron Solar products can benefit from their wise decision quickly. The system is simple and installation easy. Its horizontal orientation offers both construction and maintenance advantages.

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