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1. What is the Pyron Solar System?

The Pyron Solar System is a patented and powerful solar concentrator that harnesses the sun’s energy with high-energy conversion and unlimited scalability. In developing the unique and proprietary HE Optics System, Pyron Solar engineers have overcome some of the most challenging issues affecting the implementation of solar technology on a wide scale, including solar cell heat transfer, wind, shadow and maintenance issues, and, of course, cost considerations.

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2. What is the HE Optics System and how does it work?

Deceptively simple and simply brilliant, the HE Optics System is the part of the Pryon Solar System that actually collects the sun’s energy. Together, the system’s three elements produce 800 times more electricity than a similarly sized silicon solar cell. Sunlight first meets the HE Optics System at its specially designed and patented, short focal length, acrylic concentrating lens. As the rays pass through the lens, the light reflects and refracts, raising the sunlight concentration to 6,500 suns on a small pinpoint of light. A secondary optic, with its specially manufactured glass body, captures this pinpoint and deposits the concentrated solar flux evenly on a small multi-junction PV cell at 1,200 suns concentration.

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3. The Pyron Solar System sounds wonderful. Can I buy one for my home?

Not yet. Our current products address the needs of utility companies, those with off-grid rural electrification needs and larger commercial firms. However, we recognize the appeal of an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy-generating system suitable for homeowners and have plans to expand into this market. Research continues and patents are pending on an exciting new product. Stay tuned.

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4. Can the Pyron Solar System be installed on a rooftop?

It depends. If the roof area was adequate and special supports were incorporated into the initial building design, a rooftop installation of the Pyron Solar System is certainly possible. Given square footage requirements and weight issues, it is unlikely that a rooftop installation for residential or light commercial use would be an economical or realistic option. Retrofitting any facility would also be a challenge.

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5. How much does the Pyron Solar System cost?

Pricing and availability terms vary depending on your specific needs and quantities ordered. Our network of distributors understands the system and work closely with each client to customize a solution.

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6. Where can I buy the Pyron Solar System?

We look forward to working with you. Please contact for more product information and to be connected with a distributor in your area.

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7. How can I become a Pyron Solar distributor?

To become part of Pyron Solar’s global network, please click here.

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