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Ring Solar panel not charging: 5 Best ways to fix it

Ring devices are a great way to enhance the security of my house; and Promising part about my ring device is that it’s solar powered, which means that I’ve got a ring solar panel attached to my ring device to make sure it’s fully charged.

But, with time, I learned that you must take proper precautions to avoid problems like ring solar panel not charging or getting drained very quickly.

In this article, I will discuss how you can fix the problem and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Still, the question remains: Why are panels not charging my devices??

I researched a lot and found a few possibilities as to why it is not working or if there is something that can be fixed easily in a few steps.

Let’s move to them one by one:-

Why is My Ring Solar Panel not Charging?

There are several issues I found during my research. Most problems can be handled smoothly, and some may need immediate assistance.

  • Insufficient sunlight or the placement of solar panels in shaded areas is one of the most common problems.
  • Damaged or defective Solar Panels may be due to weather or busted solar cells, improper Maintenance, or manufacturing defects.
  • Improper or loose connection leads to the incompleteness of the circuit, thereby not charging Ring solar panels. Wires may be worn out or damaged and may also lead to problems.
  • Not cleaning or removing dirt and debris from the surface of solar panels may also lead to not charging ring devices.
  • Ring solar devices have a safety feature that avoids overcharging devices. If the ring devices show a battery above the 90% mark, No more charging will be allowed.
  • Solar ring devices installed may not be compatible with the panel installed. Traditional Solar panels may not be compatible with advanced lights or vice versa.
  • Since solar panels are generally installed on rooftops, sometimes damages are unavoidable, so reinstalling or refitting is required frequently.

Solutions for Ring solar Panels Not Charging:-

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Although that is not a big deal, it can be solved most of the time quickly.

  • Relocating Solar panels and installing them under sunlight. Unobstructed and unhindered absorption of sunlight for at least 5 – 6 hours is a must.

ring solar panel sunlight

  • Secure connection and wiring are also a solution to the problem.
  • Substituting outdated versions with a more compatible version can resolve the Issue.
  • Proper cleaning and Maintenance more frequently is a must.
  • For the problem of defects in Solar panels, inquiring with customer care or from the store is best.

How To Reinstall a Ring Solar Panel?

Machines age with time, and so do Solar panels. With constant use, the Maintenance of solar panels becomes of prime importance. Reinstalling panels allows for ensuring a proper, safe, and secure connection.

I have noted down easy steps for reinstalling the Solar panel.

  1. Detach wires from solar panels.
  2. Examine wires for any loose or worn-out connections.
  3. Review receptacles for any dirt, debris, or unwanted particles.
  4. Scrutinize the whole solar panel.
  5. After ensuring clearance of all the components and secure connections, the Wires of the panels need to be reconnected.
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Panel Not Functioning In Winter:-

Winter brings cloudy weather and a lack of sun rays for panels to absorb energy sufficiently. Overcast weather or short winter days will reduce solar panel output and result in slow battery charging.

The issue can be resolved by installing solar panels with a larger surface area. Thereby allowing more sunlight to hit the surface and fast charging. After that, if it doesn’t work, installing a new Solar battery charger is the last option.

Is it Connected to devices or not?

Indication for connected/not connected can only be on the Ring app. If the App shows status as not connected, it implies sufficient energy was not stored and therefore needs more exposure in daylight and vice-versa. The same techniques used in solar powered decoration light which can use to save some electricity and make it tangle free.


Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • What is the lifespan of a solar panel?

The lifespan of any device usually depends on its usage. The average life of a ring of solar panels is approximately 12 months, then replacement is required. On heavy use, the battery drains further faster.

  • What are the reasons for solar panels draining the battery of a solar ring device?

The Issue here is “Powered Mode.” Solar panels are initially powered to connect them to high-powered devices. So Make sure to Switch the powered mode to normal mode.

  • How much power does a ring solar panel generate?

Ring solar panels generate approximately 2.2W power, sufficient for a door camera to work.

  • What must be the direction for the placement of Solar panels?

West facing Solar panels generate more solar electricity than in any other direction.

  • Is charging two-ring devices with one solar panel possible?

From my experience and knowledge, the answer is No. Charging of devices requires pairing with a compatible solar panel. Pairing with only one device is possible, so simultaneous charging isn’t applicable.

  • Do ring solar panels charge the batteries of ring devices?

Definitely, Yes, the Primary task of a ring solar panel is to charge the battery. But here is a trick ring solar panel charges approximately 1-2 % daily. Recharging is sufficient enough to accomplish the required work.

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Final Words

Concluding with my final thoughts, ring SolarSolar might not be charging due to insufficient sunlight or solar panels installed in shaded areas, Poor Connection or damaged wiring, or may be due to impairment of the panel. Sometimes it’s a manual fault as well.

Resolving ideas may include relocating solar panels and restoring and repairing the solar panels. Through this article, I have tried to overcome all problems of ring solar panels that may cause the inability to charge.

Finally, if you have already tried all these methods and everything you can do without helping many professionals think this is the time you need to lose your purse; either you have to call a professional or can buy a new one.

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