Pyron Solar – Aims


The annual electricity-consumption of the United States is about 3,479 billion kWhr.  PYRON solar power plants can produce this amount on 7,731 km2 (87.92 km x 87.92 km or 54.64 mi x 54.64 mi) at a yearly solar radiation of 2790 kWhr/m2.  To deliver the United States annual consumption of 11,835 kW-hr for each person of the US-population of 290 million,  only 26.3 m2  or 31.51 sq.yd per capita of desert would be needed.  Regarding household electricity consumption of 3,547 kW-hr/yr, a miniscule 7.88m2 (9.42 sq.yd) of desert would suffice.  In comparison, supplying one person’s food needs 2,820m2 of valuable agricultural land (and a lot of petroleum too).  His electricity consumption produced by PYRON-SOLAR-generators requires about 350-times less land than farming.

H2 INSTEAD OF GASOLINE AND DIESEL FUEL.  Today natural gas is occasionally used as a motor vehicle fuel.  The long-term aim of the car industry, however, is the hydrogen-fueled motor vehicle. Demonstration H2-vehicles are already running. Hydrogen offers much better efficiency via fuel cells and electric motors, than internal combustion engines. The actual annual fuel-consumption in the United States is 460 billion kg, representing 4.2 Terawatt-hours of energy per year. .Hydrogen has an exceptionally high energy content of 33.3 kW-hr/kg, vs. oil’s 9.2 kW-hr/kg, reducing the annual hydrogen equivalent to 116 billion kWhr.  Electrolytic production of hydrogen has a 76% efficiency, so that the Hydrogen production for all US traffic would require 152.67 billion kWh..  Since the hydrogen vehicles will use fuel cells and electric motors with 2.5 times higher efficiency than today’s automotive and locomotive engines, annual energy consumption need only be .610 billion kWhr, requiring 1,356 km2 (.36.82 km x 36.82 km or 22.88 miles x 22.88 miles) of desert land.  Today’s 230 million motor vehicles of the US would require 5,94m2 or 7.04 sq yd of desert per hydrogen-driven vehicle.


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