Pyron Solar – Aims

1.  Is the Pyron Solar generating system designed for the residential market?

No, Pyron Solar manufactures concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) generating systems targeted for utility scale installations, off-grid rural electrification, or larger commercial installations.  The first generation of the Pyron Solar System is a 90 kWp DC system.

2.  Does Pyron Solar have plans for a concentrating CPV system targeted at the residential market?   

Yes, Pyron Solar has a patent pending on a residential model.  The product is in the early stages of development, and the earliest the product would be available for sale is mid 2008. 

3.  Is the current Pyron Solar generating system appropriate for roof top use? 

Depending on the stage of design of the building in question, the roof could certainly be designed to support the Pyron Solar system.   The system requires a fairly large roof top area, and would not be appropriate for smaller installations such as residential and light commercial.  Retrofitting an existing roof top could be an option, but it depends on the specific building in question. 

4.  Can I buy a system? 

Pyron Solar is currently accepting orders from qualified customers developing utility scale projects or from our network of distributors of the Pyron Solar system.  Pricing and availability terms vary depending on quantities ordered.  Please contact for more information. 

5.     What is the stage of the company? 

Pyron Solar is a privately held manufacturing company founded by serial entrepreneurs John and Inge Laing.  The Laing’s have hundreds of patents with licensees all over the globe, and have founded several successful companies ( .


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