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This is a fantastic idea; however, approximately 20% of homes in the U.S. must be eligible for panel installation. It could be due to a lack of space or roof angle. Alternatively, solar farms can provide clean energy for an entire community or city!


Solar Companies

We Compare factors like customer reviews, installation quality, warranty, and pricing to determine which company offers the best value for your investment. Be sure to select a reputable company with a proven track record for success to ensure you get the most out of your solar experience.

Solar Products

We Consider factors like efficiency, durability, and compatibility to ensure you are investing in products that will meet your energy needs and last for years to come. Do your research and consult with solar experts to make informed decisions and get the most out of your solar investment.

Solar Guides

Our Solar Guides provide comprehensive information on everything from installation and maintenance to product reviews and incentives. With the help of solar guides, you can make informed decisions and successfully transition to clean energy.

Our process


Calculate your energy consumption and assess your goals


Learn about different solar products and their features


Check product specifications, efficiency, and durability.


Consider the product compatibility and pricing before making a final decision.


Best way to make your environment clean and green

The sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

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