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LG vs. SunPower Solar Panels: Detailed Comparison(2024)

When it comes to choosing solar panels for my home, the decision often boils down to comparing top brands like LG and SunPower. Both are renowned for their quality and performance, but how do they really stack up against each other? In this article, I’ll dive into a detailed comparison of LG and SunPower solar panels. We’ll look at their efficiency, durability, warranty periods, and overall value for money.

As someone keen on making an informed decision for sustainable energy needs, I understand how crucial it is to weigh these factors. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or considering an upgrade, join me in uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of LG and SunPower solar panels, and let’s find out which brand might be the best fit for your solar energy requirements.

LG and SunPower produce the most expensive and cutting-edge solar panels. In a side-by-side comparison, whose panels are superior and whose brand is better? Check out this comparison I’ve laid out between SunPower and LG solar panels to decide for yourself.

LG vs. SunPower Solar Panels: Which one is better?

LG Solar lg solar panels

Taking a Look at Lg as a Solar Manufacturing Brand:

They are a respectable business that meets all of the criteria for a solar panel manufacturer. In South Korea, Gumi, LG Solar produces its solar panels. The brand lives up to the region’s reputation as a source of high-quality products. Additionally, they are a sizable, reputable, and diverse producer, which I adore and look forward to in a brand.

Being a South Korean powerhouse, LG is best recognized for its electronics. Since most of us have owned an LG TV at some point, they are truly household names. They are a firm that creates high-quality panels and has a well-known name brand to support warranties, so they are in a class of its own in many aspects.

Perks of LG Solar Panels

Reliability: A LG Solar panel rarely has problems. Both their outstanding design and strict quality control are to blame for this.

Effectiveness: Solar panels made by LG are quite effective. Most years, they rank among the top two or three solar panels worldwide for efficiency.

Warranty: LG has been established in trading since the 1980s. It is no doubt that they are by far the most well-known brand. With that legacy, they offer and guarantee a solid 25-year product and 25-year performance warranties that come with the Neon line of products. There is also a lot more to know about solar panel warranties.


Price: The panels made by LG are pricey. They are not suitable for everyone because of this.

SunPower Solar

sunpower solar panels

About the brand:

SunPower has a long trading history and was founded in California in 1985. It’s unlikely that the SunPower panels on your roof in Australia originated from this American facility. In 2018, SunPower bought SolarWorld’s current American facility partly to avoid Trump’s solar tax, which raised the price of importing solar panels from foreign facilities. Consequently, solar panels made in America are more likely to remain there. They also have facilities in China, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Often referred to as leaders in solar panel efficiency. Especially in Australia, very few solar panels can compete with them in this regard, and Sunpower is almost a monopoly. I’ll state the following advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Perks of Solar Power Panels

Efficient: With an efficiency rating of 22.6%, the SunPower Maxeon 3 is the solar panel with the highest output.

Reliability: SunPower produces reliable solar panels and those that are effective in energy production.

Design: The “all-black” SunPower solar panel looks stunning when installed. It only improves for people who value aesthetics and appreciate good design in the other alternatives.

Warranty: The brand offers a 25-year warranty for all other models but a 40-year product and performance warranty for some models. The panels still produce more than 88% of their initial power after 40 years.


Price: The only point which can beat the awesome SunPower products is its price points. Quite expensive, and I find it difficult to justify the additional expense. Finding any benefits in this situation takes a lot of work, even with enhanced performance.

Who wins: LG or SunPower?

Good panels are synonymous with SunPower, and I adore excellent panels. Still, would I buy one for my roof? Most likely not. They are, in reality, incredibly expensive, and when a potential buyer factors in budgetary constraints, they become even less desirable. However, I don’t want to be unfair to SunPower because they are an industry leader in many areas. Said, they don’t come easy on a majority of pockets. Therefore, they might be for you if you are not concerned with the price compared to the value issue.

A solar panel doesn’t offer higher performance, dependability, and brand-name warranty support. Since no other producer of solar panels can boast of having the same trading history and brand as LG, they don’t truly have a competitor. The only drawback of purchasing LG solar panels is that they are more expensive than others, but you will always be satisfied. LG has refreshingly chosen to concentrate on improving quality in a sector where most solar panel manufacturers have concentrated on lowering costs. That adds much value if you can afford to stretch the budget a little.

I’ll give you the following comparison between the two based on the following:

Cost difference: It costs extra to use SunPower. Solar.com, which has partnerships with about 200 solar installation businesses nationwide, estimates SunPower’s pricing is $0.57 per watt more expensive than LG’s. This translates to a savings of $3,420 off the price of a typical 6,000 Watt residential solar system. It’s critical to comprehend what makes the two brands and their products distinct since this will result in a large cost increase for most homes or business owners.

Power and Efficiency: While LG’s current products can achieve 19.5% with an average of 18.3% on the efficiency scale, SunPower modules can reach a maximum of 22.2% with an average of 20.6%.

While LG’s residential modules range from 275W to 320W, SunPower’s modules range from 327W to 360W.

Degradation: In machines and electronics, degradation is the gradual loss of power over time. Most manufacturers in the solar power business promise that their modules will deteriorate up to 0.7% a year for 25 years. The X Series from SunPower has the lowest deterioration rates of any manufacturer, coming in at 0.25%. At 0.6%, LG performs better than the set norm. There is so many important things about solar panel degradation you should know.

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SunPower is known for producing one of the most efficient solar panels available in the market, with some of which have more than 22% efficiencies. This means they convert a higher percentage of the sun’s energy into usable electricity than other solar panel options. LG, on the other hand, serves as an equally deserving competitor at a slightly lesser price. Both, however, are worth going for. Depending on your preference about warranty, power, etc. I have guided this article. Hope it helps.

Ray is an avid reader and writer with over 25 years of experience serving various domestic and multinational private and public energy companies in the USA.

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